OECD Non-Financial Corporations Debt to Surplus Ratio Analysis 2 - making various type plots with ggplot() + geom_~~~ using R.

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This post is following of the above post.

In the previous post, I load CSV file data into R. Then, let's make some basic graphs using ggplot2 package.

Scatter plot

ggplot() + geom_point() makes scatter plot.



ggplot() + geom_boxplot() makes boxplot


Line plot

ggplot() + geom_line() makes line plot.



ggplot() + geom_histogram() makes a histogram.

I use color = "white" to make border lines whilte and bins = 10 to make number of bins 10. Then, I use facet_wrap() function to make histogram for each TIME.


Violin plot

ggplot() + geom_violin() makes violin plot.


Density plot

ggplot() + geom_density() makes density plots. It is like histogram.

According to above plots, I find Debt to Surplus Ratio has similar distribution pattern for 2015, 2016 and 2017, almost LOCATION has less than 10 value.

That's it. Thank you!

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