OECD Researchers data analysis 4 - Sorting dataframe by column in R

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In this post, let's sort dataframe by variables.

The smallest TOT_1000EMPLOTED observation is CHL 2009.

The largest TOT_1000EMPLOYED observation is FIN 2004.

The smallest WOMEN_PC_RESEARCHER observation si KOR 1997.

The largest WOMEN_PC_RESEARCHER observation is LVA 2008.

The smallest WOMEN_HEADCOUNT observation is LUX 2003.

The largest WOMEN_HEADCOUNT observation is GBR 2019.

The smallest TOT_HEADCOUNT observation is LUX 2003.

The largest TOT_HEADCOUNT observation is JPN 2020.

The smallest MLN_USD observation is ISL 1999.

The largest MLN_USD observation is JPN 2019.

The smallest USD_CAP observation is ROU 1995.

The largest USD_CAP observation is LUX 2019.

So, LOCATIONS which has at least one the smallest/largest variables are CHL, FIN, KOR, LVA, LUX, GBR, JPN, ISL and ROU.

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