OECD Non-Financial Corporations Debt to Surplus Ratio Analysis 5 - arranging data frame and make a bar chart using R.

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In this post I will arrange data frame with arrange() function of dplyr packkage.

Let's make a graph with ggplot2 packages.

LUX has the highest debt to surplus ratio in 2015. LTU has the lowest debt to surplus ratio in 2015.

Let's see Y2016.

This time, I use order() function instead of arrange() funtion.

Let's see a bar chart.

This time I used plot() function, lines() function and text() function instated of using ggplot2 package.

How about Y2017?

Let's make a bar chart.

This time I used geom_bar(stat = "identity") instead of geom_col() function.

LTU has the lowest and LUX has the higest.


Let's see d2016, it is change from Y2015 to Y2017.

This time I use tapply() function and sort() function. LUX has the smallest(negative) change and GRC has the largest(positive) change.

Let's make a bar chart

This time I used barplot() function.

Let's see d2017, it is change from Y2016 to Y2017.

Let's make a bar chart.

LUX has the highest(positive) change and IRL has the lowest(negative) change.

That's it. Thank you!

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