OECD Influenza vaccination rates data analysis with R 2 - Drawing Histogram, Q-Q, Scatter Plot and Boxplot

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In this post, I will make some grpahps to see waht OECD Influenza vaccination rates looks like.

First, I draw histogram.

For vaccinationrate, lower rates area seems leveled distribution, upper rates area seems normla distribution.

For year, older years have less observations.


Next, I draw Q-Q Plot

Using Q-Q Plot, I can check whether a sample is normal distributiion or not. I see the both(rate and year) are not normal distribution.

Next, Scatter Plot

Using Scatter Plot, we can see relationships between two variables, above scatter plot cannnot tell much. So, I use Boxplot.

Thick black line is median. I see there is not distinct trend.

I also make a boxplot with loc and rate.

KOR has the higest mesdian rate and EST has the lowest.

That's it. Thank you!

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