OECD Influenza vaccination rates data analysis with R 1 - Load CSV file date using read_csv() function

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In this post, I will analyze OECD Influenza vaccination rates with R.

First, I load tidyverse.

Then, I use read_csv() function to load data on CSV file.

Let's see first few rows.

I see AUS  has 74% vaccination rates in 2000, 78% in 2001 and so on.


Next, let's use skim() function from skimr package to see how the dataframe is.

I see INDICATOR, SUBJECT, MEASURE and FREQUENCY have only 1 n_unique. Thus I can remove those variables.

And I will cange variable names.

Let's see summary statistic of year and rate.

I see year starts from 2000 and ends to 2022. rate range is  from 0.90 to 94.80, mean is 48.18.

That's it. Thank you!

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