OECD Influenza vaccination rates data analysis with R 4 - geom_point() and facet_wrap(), geom_shmooth() are good friends.

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In the above post, I merge Influenza data and GDP data.

Let's check the relatihonship them deeper.

First, let's see scatter plots by year.

I use geom_point() function to draw scatter plots. In addition I added facet_warp() function and geom_smooth() function.

I see evey year, lgdp and vaccination rate have positive relatiohship.

How about lpc?

lpc and vaccination rate also have positive relationship.

Let's see by loc.

Uhm... there are too many locations to see characteristics.

Let's make another scatter plot.

I see some locations have positive relationship, some have negative relationship.

How about lpc?

Some locations have positive relationship and some locations have negative relationship.

I make same type scatter plots by year.

I see all year have positive relationship.

I also see positive relationship between lpc and vaccination rate each year.

That's it. Thank you!

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