World Bank's Pregnant women receiving prenatal care (%) data analysis 2 - merge care (%) data frame and country meta data frame.


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CSV files from World Bank web site includes country meta data file like below.

I will load this file too and merge meta data and pregnant data.

I use read_csv() function to load CSV file into R, then I use rename() function to rename columns and select() function to select needed columns only.

Next, I use inner_join() function to merge two data frames.

Next, let's check indicator_name and indicator_code.

The both variables have only one value, so I can delete them.

It is better to change "region" and "group" into factor.

I replace white space, " " to "_".

Finally, I got a data frame to analyze.

Let's start with summary() function.

Oops! region, group and year are character class.

I need to change them again.

Uhmm.. there remains white spaces. I need to repalce it to "_".

I should use str_replace_all() function.


Now, I have questions in my mind - Are there differences about "care" among region, group and year?

Next post, I will check that.

That's it. Thank you!


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