OECD Discriminatory family code data analysis 7 - Adding Unemployment data to linear regression and using stargazer() function to compare regression models.

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I load Unenployment rate data. I get this data from OECD we site.

Then, I filter only year == 2019.

Next, I will merge df4 data frame and unem_2019 data frame with merge() function.

let's see how unemployment data is distributed.

it seems skewed.

Let's make log(unenployment) histogram.

l_unem, log(unemployment) is more close to normal distribution, so I will use l_unem for linear regression analysis.

After adding log(unemployment), "atwm": Attitides Towards Working Mothers and "em": Early Marriage are still significant varaibales.

Let's compare three liear regression model results.

That's it. Thank you!

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