OECD Nutrient balance data analysis 2 - Histogram using R

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This post is following of above post.

In this post, I will do data visualization. 

Firstly, let's make a histograms.

The previous post shows there are 4 kind of observations, NITOROGEN measured by KG_HA, NITROGEN measured by TONNE, PHOSPHORUS mesaured by KG_HA and PHOSPHORUS measured by TONNE.

Let's start with NITROGEN measured by KG_HA.

Next is NITROGEN measured by TONNE

Next is PHOSPHORUS mesured by KG_HA

The last is PHOSPHORUS mesured by TONNE

I see measure by KG_HA is more close to normal distribution.

Then, I will make another data frame, which has four columns instead of subject, measure and value.

Then, I will merge those 4 data frames into one data frame.

Let's see summary stats for df2.

That's all today. Thank you!


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